Job Details

Experienced Derivatives Trader

Job Highlights:

  • Must be a “STAR” Trader with proven track records for trading profitable Options/Futures/Equities/Commodities/FX/Cryptocurrency trading strategies
  • 2+ years’ working experience at a global proprietary trading/HFT firm, hedge fund or other financial institution
  • Driven, Disciplined, Innovative, Competitive, Level-headed in a fast-moving and high-pressured environment & communicative
  • Excellent numerical sensitivity, passionate in financial markets & technological advancement
  • Candidates with excellent track records may choose their preferred work location in major global cities around the world or even work as an independent Trading partner for fast growing Proprietary Trading firms with remote set up


Company Culture:

  • Fast growing proprietary trading / cryptocurrency firms in the low-latency / high-frequency arena with multiple offices in the leading global cities
  • A fast-paced, flat structure, dynamic and collaborative team environment.


Job Description:

Job Responsibilities:

  • Pricing and trading Options/Futures/Equities/Commodities/FX/Cryptocurrency in global exchanges
  • Entering into and managing positions for own strategies
  • Developing, maintaining and enhancing trading models
  • Researching new market opportunities and analysing current market trends
  • Working closely with other Traders and Developers to optimize trading results
  • Candidates with proven people management experience may be given the opportunity to lead the strategy desk which comprises of traders and IT engineers.


Key Requirements:

  • Bachelor or Master degree in Finance, Mathematics, IT, Engineering or any other analytical / quantitative related field of study
  • 2+ years’ experience at a proprietary trading / HFT firm, hedge fund or other financial institutions
  • Proven excellent track record for trading a profitable Options strategy in the Asian, European or US markets
  • Excellent analytical and mathematical skills
  • IT Knowledge (eg. VBA, Matlab, Java, Python,C++ etc) a plus
  • Fluent in English


Personality Fit:

  • Entrepreneurial, disciplined and competitive
  • Innovative & eager to continuously learn about trading
  • Self-directed,  quick and decisive thinking and be able to work productively under minimal supervision
  • Excellent critical thinking, detail-oriented and prudent
  • Excellent communication skills and team spirit
  • Ability to act and perform successfully in a fast-moving and high-pressured environment
  • Passionate in Trading & Financial Markets


Excellent opportunity and exposures:

  • Attractive & transparent rewards system with significant incentive for outstanding performance
  • Opportunity to create innovative trading strategies and work with some of the brightest trading/technological talents in the financial markets
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