IMC Weekendschool – An Amazing Education Charity for now and the future

Last week Polly Chan, GTP’s Co-founder felt blessed to have joined the 20th anniversary celebration ceremony of IMC Weekendschool ( , an innovative education charity in the Netherlands.   Starting in 1998, they have been growing into an education charity empowering ~ 2,400 children weekly at 40 locations in the Netherlands at the moment.

Heleen Terjwin, Founder of IMC Weekendschool and Marion Weijman, Director of Operations & the very dedicated teams there have won the hearts of 3500+ engaging volunteers & 100+ corporate and individual donors to join forces to bring the initiatives to grass root children, children at regular schools & children of new comers of the Netherlands.

They inspired us about the power of “Motivation-directed learning”, “Passion” & “Unselfish giving” which have empowered 2000+ alumni on their end by now who are also eager to give back to the society.

It is never easy to have gone through the challenges that they have experienced for the past 20 years while Polly felt honoured to have been part of the IMC Weekendschool family for 8 years in Hong Kong.

IMC Weekendschool welcomes motivated dutch speaking volunteers to help them out for their various lessons on Sundays.   It is definitely the Go-To-charity for your next visit in the Netherlands.

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