So fulfilling to have helped 30+ University students and Teens to identify their “Best-Fit-Jobs”

It is so fulfilling for Polly Chan, Co-founder of GTP Talent Search to have had the opportunities to organize a number of Giving-Back workshops and 1-on-1 Career Consultations to help 30+ international university students and teens to identify their “Best-fit-jobs” with enhanced certainty & confidence.  

Seeing and knowing many young people are feeling uncertain with their future study or career choices and be able to help is definitely fulfilling to us.   Through interactive workshops, every participant was able to learn about their “Nurture” through DISC profiling & “Nature” through fingerprint profiling.   They are now able to understand their own strengths, motivators and job preferences with increased certainty and confidence.  They felt the workshops were impactful & insightful because they could also learn about other participants’ journeys and struggles during the workshops.

Let us support our next generation leaders to grow with more certainty, confidence & passion.     Hurray!

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