Helping motivated teens to uncover their “Nature + Nurture” for motivated study & career choices

It was with my deep gratitude to Ellen Mok, the Fingerprint Profiling Guru who had joined hands with me to conduct our 1st “Nature (fingerprint profiling) + Nurture (DISC profiling)” workshop for my beloved mentees on August 22.  They are a group of motivated teens that I have been mentoring for 5+ years, whom are now facing challenges on understanding personal strengths, motivators & preferences and how to plan for their future.   In a short of 3 joyful hours, each of our participants was so amazed to identify / reconfirm his/her motivated choices for future study and career that tie in with their natural strengths.

It is Ellen and my dream to help more talent to experience the same AWESOME moments like my mentees.   Interested parties, please contact me at for further discussion.

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