Top 16 FinTech Investors in HK & Mainland China

FinTech has been the major focus for many forward looking global and regional investors.   For information on the latest Top 16 FinTech Investors in Hong Kong & Mainland China , please follow the link here:  
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Meeting Jim Rogers, the legendary investor and Ellen Mok, the Fingerprint Profiling Guru

So excited to meet Jim Rogers again, the world's legendary investor & Ellen Mok, Founder of "MiQi - Your Key to Success" on July 20, 2018. Ellen is a fingerprint profiling guru.   She has invented the world's first patented fingerprint profiling tool that are represented by 7 animal types.  In the past 10 years, due to her passion and dedication in uncovering people's key to success through fingerprint analysis, she and her team have won a number of reputable industry awards in Hong Kong and also her friendship & trust with Mr Rogers. In her new book of "Winning people over in 9.9 seconds",  she has uncovered the secrets of Mr Rogers's personality traits and how that have led to his extra-ordinary success.  Mr Rogers is now an Advisor and investor of MiQi. Want to know more about this interesting and effective tool and its applications with personal assessment, leadership, team building, marketing cross-over campaigns and education, I am happy to introduce Ellen to you.
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